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    Jiangmen City, Jiangmen City Hengtong Transport Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta, the west is Guangdong Province production conveying machinery backbone enterprises, transport machinery of professional production experts.
    The company has strong technical strength, technology, advanced detection means, complete production equipment, not only can provide complete sets of equipment delivery for you, can you fabricating various kinds of non standard steel structure and provide all types of transportation machinery parts.
    Company existing staff 42 people, including engineering and technical personnel 8 people. The affiliated company: Jiangmen city Jindongyuan metal products Co., Ltd. and Heshan City Heng Steel Structure Co. ltd..
    The company production of transport machinery is widely used in paper, wood, fodder, grain, oil, glass, cement, power plant, grit wharf, port and dock industry, the main products are: TD75, DTII belt conveyor, acres of angle with retaining side of belt conveyor, movable double amplitude of belt conveyor and the lifting belt machine with unloading dolly multi-point discharging belt machine, air cushion belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, valve gate, and so on conveying machinery.
    After many years of hard work, the company's products have been in many parts of the country with a large number of outstanding users.
    The company focus on product quality at the same time, continuously strengthen the product after-sales service work, set up a professional after-sales service team, in the quality assurance of the company will be free for users to repair and replacement of defective parts; such as the problem of equipment in operation, the company will in the province within 12 hours, within 48 hours of the provinces rushed to the scene troubleshooting, problem solving, and promised not to solve the problem without dismantling.
    Under the joint efforts of all employees of the company, under the support of new and old customers, the company has made good business performance and good social benefit, for our country transportation machinery use industry to do the contribution of some microwave, the company wholeheartedly hope that with the opportunity to valued customers to provide by the company to provide quality products and quality service.
    The company always uphold the quality first, service-oriented business philosophy, heavy contract, defends the credit, honesty is the company's operating principles, the company all staff sincerely welcome your customers use the company's excellent products, welcomed the noble of you to come to visit the guidance of the company.
    The hometown of Liang Qichao, the famous literary giant Ba Jin, the bird paradise nominated by the famous literary masters, will give you an unforgettable impression.