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    Secret seven factors hinder the development of non-standard automation industry

    Non-standard automation machinery with respect to the standard machinery, according to the enterprise need to tailor equipment can achieve some of the features of standard machine, achieving standard parts can not achieve the yield can be. For example in injection molding industry, many injection molding companies according to their actual situation through manufacturing automation industry the first brand, and industrial robot system integrators of Guangdong extension Sida tailored to a suitable non standard automation solutions, and widely used industrial robots and manipulators as injection molding machine auxiliary equipment, has been widely used.
    Seven obstacles to the development of
    The formation of any thing has its subjective and objective reasons, the formation of the mechanism is complex. The status of non-standard equipment is also a result of the role of various elements. Although the non-standard equipment is still relatively healthy one industry, but in front of the 7 major obstacles have been more and more obvious impact on the development of non-standard automation equipment industry.
    (1) non-standard equipment can not be mass production, large enterprises do not want to do, small scale enterprises are easy to get the living space.
    Non-standard equipment is no standard to follow, according to the production status of enterprises tailored equipment. A enterprise equipment is often only applicable to A enterprises, can not be copied to the B batch production enterprises. Usually about a hundreds of thousands of yuan of equipment from the customer demand, non-standard equipment factory design, the two sides discussed plan, signed a contract, the design drawings, parts processing, equipment assembly acceptance need two or three months time. Because the input-output ratio is too low, large enterprises in the face of such a small long cycle of small orders is not cut a gu. But such projects, for only 10 of a few people small businesses, but there is a considerable attraction. A sales and a few mechanical engineers, several software engineers to grow the size of a small business.
    (2) non-standard equipment market growth, but the cake is big, the cake is more people.
    In 2000, the domestic non-standard equipment to do more well-known only the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, some of the Taiwan enterprises, these companies add up to 30 or so. Query statistics related data, the size of the non-standard equipment is estimated at about 600 million, which accounted for about thirty of the market share of about 70%. By 2012, light in Dongguan with non-standard automation equipment enterprises nearly more than 70, the small size of the non-standard equipment has numerous, orders of magnitude in the million or more; market size forecast also increased to 600 billion yuan. Simple words summed up the market, although the increase in the size of 100 times, but the manufacturers have increased by a thousand times. The new market is occupied by a large number of small manufacturers. Did not form a scale enterprises.
    (3) non standard equipment enterprise threshold is low, personnel quality is uneven in quality.
    Why are there so many non-standard manufacturers market? The reason is that the initial investment costs of non-standard equipment factory is low, the entire investment is estimated at around a few. Usually non standard equipment factory business model is a joint investment of two or three shareholders, a shareholder in charge of sales, a shareholder in charge of technology, a shareholder is responsible for the sale, does not require large capital, large enterprises involved. This situation leads to non standard equipment industry is relatively isolated, industry to shuffle, good money drives out not bad money, mixed enterprises.
    (4) to pursue the use of doctrine, innovation and research and development of less.
    There are few domestic enterprises with new invention, new creation and new application. The popularity of domestic enterprises to the domestic and international exhibitions, exhibitors an important purpose is to discover new applications, new processes, new technologies. This approach has a very positive meaning in many ways. He has shortened the gap between China and developed countries, has improved the level of industrial modernization and agricultural modernization, thus reducing the labor intensity of the masses of people. No doubt, however, this name from under the banner of the plagiarism seriously reduce the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop new technologies, new applications; passage of time affect the automation equipment industry in our country has the technical ability, the core always lies in the hands of the enterprises in Europe and America. In order to long-term development, we must attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, so that enterprises from the development of long-term stability of the interests of non - standard equipment industry, in particular the need to protect intellectual property rights.
    (5) the requirements of the enterprise for automation is still relatively junior, which restricts the development of non-standard automation industry to a higher level.
    Under the pressure of the shortage of human resources, the manufacturing enterprises choose the automation. But automation can be divided into three stages from the point of view of saving human resources: semi automation, full automation, automation and information fusion. Based on cost considerations, many companies choose semi automation equipment, slightly more complex processes or done by hand, this semi automated products for a better understanding of the mechanical and electrical integration people can independently finish all the design. A large number of such low-level automation needs to restrict the development of non-standard industry to a higher level.
    (6) loose industry, no formation of organizational advantage.
    Non-standard equipment does not set up industry associations. No industry association, the government is difficult to hear from non-standard industry calls, and even the manufacturers of laosibuxiangwanglai. Non-standard equipment between enterprises alert heart strong, fear of their own technology being learned, afraid of their customers were being robbed the, fear of their backbone personnel being poached. This is not in contact with, do not hold together leads to the non-standard equipment is in the price competition of mud
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