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    How to deal with China's domestic enterprises to deal with the localization of high-end valve difficult problem

    "2012-2016 China's valve and plug manufacturing industry development prospects and investment forecast analysis report" shows: from the beginning of 2012, the high-end valve localization of the road becomes very difficult. The current infrastructure has become a constraint to the domestic manufacturing to high-end development of the short board, China's high-end equipment and parts of the localization efforts need to be further increased.
    Domestic production of high-end valve "difficult" in the current China's valve market (the valve market analysis), has been able to provide a variety of products: such as heating valve, environmental protection valve, building with the valve, etc.. Although in recent years through the efforts of domestic enterprises, some of the high-end valve products have been achieved domestically, but there are still some products in the import state. According to the China General Machinery Industry Association to provide the data, since the beginning of this year, China imported a large amount of pump products mainly include: hydraulic reciprocating plunger pump and other hydraulic reciprocating row liquid pump, rotary axial plunger pump, speed in 10000 turn / the following other centrifugal pump, liquid pump parts, vacuum pump etc.. Valve products mainly include: pressure relief valve, hydraulic transmission valve, pneumatic valve, relief valve, relief valve, valve parts, etc.. In the field of high pressure valve still rely on imports, which is the future of China's valve needs to force a breakthrough in the field. Industry positioning high-end valve industrial park is build high-end, complete, internationalization, headquarters of China's high-end valve City, with 3 to 5 years to introduce high-end valve company 200, attract investment more than 200 million yuan, to achieve annual sales income of 5 billion yuan of above, and ultimately to achieve the annual sales income of more than 100 billion scale.
    At present, whether it is in the domestic market policy support, or the current level of technology, the development of high-end valve is not good enough. Overall, as the country to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry policy to gradually promote the development of the general basis of manufacturing industry will further be focused on support. Petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy sector, the chemical industry and urban construction use of large valve will increase the demand for valve products, but by sub industry of our country valve import substitution feasibility difference is very big, the high-end valve needs to be more policy guidance and scientific research supporting.
    High-end valve made of "why" dystocia, according to the China general machinery industry association responsible person analysis, there are reasons for this phenomenon has four main points.
    R & D investment in long-term shortage. Domestic enterprises in the concept of product technology development and foreign companies have a significant gap between. Research funding, inadequate investment in R & D, has become an important factor restricting the development of the valve business, an important factor. According to incomplete statistics pump industry, R & D investment funds accounted for less than 2% of the main business income, compared with foreign well-known companies, R & D funds invested in the whole industry is very little. Relevant statistics show that China's pump industry annual R & D costs, but also as a foreign enterprise more than scientific research funds.
    The ability of independent innovation is weak. It is understood that China's machinery manufacturing industry, the introduction of technology digestion and absorption is slow, most of the technological innovation capability is not strong, the main source of mechanical products, the introduction of the core technology 57%. Although most of the products in China's water pump manufacturing industry has basically achieved independent manufacturing, but the domestic enterprises bear the low-end processing of products, the breadth and depth of autonomy to be improved. Such as the localization of nuclear power equipment in nuclear grade pump products and 1000MW super supercritical, ultra supercritical thermal power station complete sets of equipment in the high-pressure boiler feed pump core wraps products has now started, the key technology at the core of most still need to rely on imports.
    Customers' willingness to buy domestic products is poor. Although the domestic products in the performance index reached the same level with the foreign, but some customers are still willing to buy foreign technology and equipment, making (valve technology, the technology of water pump) domestic first sets of major technical equipment of pump products into the market, the difficulty increased. Although many domestic high-end pump products have a considerable technical level, but some use the Department is still in the absence of operating results and other reasons to refuse to use.
    Industry common technology research. Due to the restructuring, some oriented service industry research institute became the fragmented nature of the enterprise, structure characteristics and work center of gravity occurred great changes. Its industry technology support role is increasingly weakening, new technology, new technology development speed is slow, design, technology, materials and manufacturing standards, it is difficult to docking with foreign countries. In this regard, the person concerned to put forward three proposals:
    First, the establishment of a new mechanism to encourage enterprises to independent innovation. According to the national valve manufacturing industry comprehensive planning and regional layout planning, the construction of a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratory, test base and product development center. Relying on innovative ability of science and education institutions, the establishment of scientific and technological achievements diffusion site. Encourage and support the establishment of valve manufacturing technology research and development center.
    Secondly, improve the technology promotion system. Set up the basic manufacturing technology promotion organization, and gradually establish a national manufacturing technology promotion organization as the leading, the division of labor cooperation, service in place of the diversified manufacturing technology promotion system.
    In addition, we should improve the system of science and technology training, improve the protection system of intellectual property rights. Establish and improve the training service functions of universities, research institutes and secondary vocational schools and basic education, and give full play to the strength of institutions at all levels. To further improve the market for new product innovation
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