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    2015 China Construction machinery industry investment will reach 100 billion yuan

    With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the main trend of the development of construction machinery. And intelligent in various fields also wait until a more widely used, not only effectively improve the efficiency, but also can reduce the cost. Construction machinery industry is a strategic industry which provides technology and equipment for construction of national basic, and equipment manufacturing industry is one of the most important sub sectors, belongs to the encouraged to be one of the developments in the field of the state key and its manufacturing technology development can fully bring the equipment manufacturing industry industrial upgrading and technological progress, is the embodiment of comprehensive national strength. At the same time, in the face of the market economy and the global competition, the advanced manufacturing technology has become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. This shows that China's construction machinery industry has been an urgent way to go intelligent.
    Status quo of intelligent equipment industry
    Intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve high-quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean and flexible production, improve product to the dynamic changeable market adaptation ability and competitiveness as the goal.
    Intelligent manufacturing technology is not limited to the manufacturing process, but covers the market analysis, production management, processing and assembly, sales, maintenance, services, as well as the whole process of recycling.
    The intelligent manufacturing emphasizes the four-dimensional technology, people, management and information integration, is not only related to the material flow and energy flow. Besides, it also relates to information flow and knowledge flow, that is, four-dimensional integration and four flow intersection is an important feature of intelligent manufacturing technology.
    Intelligent manufacturing technology more emphasis on the manufacturing process and management of the rationalization and innovation, it is the hardware, software, intelligence and organizational systems integration.
    It is the application of engineering machinery and equipment through modern communication and information technology, computer network technology, industry technology, intelligent control technology collection and so on. So that products in the work and production in more intelligent way to reduce the workload of personnel.
    For a long time, the global market engineering machinery technology products by the United States, Japan, Western Europe, Russia and other international large enterprise groups. After nearly 10 years of development, China's equipment manufacturing industry also made impressive achievements, on behalf of the Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG, Weichai uncovered of Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions, leading China's equipment manufacturing industry, product technology market brand to upgrade in the round.
    However, at present China's equipment manufacturing industry is still big but not strong, with low-end products processing and manufacturing industry, the focus shifted to the Southeast Asia and other developing countries, developed countries and industrialized strategy caused the rapid development of high-end manufacturing enterprises, China's equipment manufacturing challenges, in the face of global position. To cope with this challenge, the intelligent level of intelligent products and production process will become China's equipment manufacturing industry future will win in the strong opponents like clouds in the world equipment market an important weapon.
    Intelligent in the construction machinery industry
    For the equipment manufacturing industry, human being beyond the raw materials become the largest cost, if you do not speed up the transformation of the equipment manufacturing industry upgrade, take the road of development of the intelligent, industry profit margins will be further compressed.
    Then, the construction machinery industry will be how to achieve intelligent, the introduction of the robot is the most intuitive performance, at present a lot of enterprises has in the production process of large-scale use of robots welding, painting, assembly and other work. It is understood that, in 2005 ~2015, the global industrial robot's annual sales growth rate is expected to be 9%, while the average annual sales growth rate of China's industrial robots is expected to reach 25%. By 2015, the Chinese robot market demand or will reach units, accounting for 16.9% of the global total, becoming the largest robot market.
    At present, the use of intelligent robots in the production of products, has been a more common phenomenon. And more people mentioned intelligent products often think of the time is not driving, this technology is also a large number of construction machinery manufacturers have been pursued and continue to develop.
    Not long ago, the new research and development center in Volvo Ji'nan, a real-time operating conditions can automatically adjust the hydraulic system excavator debut. The product can be completed at the same time to ensure the driving stability and comfort. The other a loader is completely unmanned, only rely on computers to judge for themselves, the completion of the loading task, according to Volvo technology personnel, although this loader are currently only stay at the technical level, has not been fully market-oriented, but its market prospect is undoubtedly optimistic.
    In 2013, in the mountain of full hydraulic bulldozer on the successful application of unmanned technology. Through the independent development control procedures, manual operation and wireless remote control, in the wireless remote control, the successful implementation of the bulldozers start, misfire, walking all the basic functions of the system, the working device system.
    In 2012, Foton Lovol production equipped with "agricultural machinery navigation and automatic operation system of unmanned tractors, cotton seed and demonstration, which marks the China first in the field test and application of the navigation of agricultural machinery and automatic operation system, so as to realize the unmanned. Lovol high-rise, according to reports, this product realized tractor automatic control precision sowing, fertilizing, ridging, sprinkle drug operations, greatly improving the standardization of the tractor, so as to realize the precision agriculture.
    And the first involving unmanned field enterprises was undoubtedly the caterpillar, in the eighties of the last century began dump truck unmanned technology research and development, and has obtained the success. From 1994~1995 to start testing, by 1996, the card
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